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A qualified resort guide will lead you off to discover amazing historical sites, visit ancient temples and simply enjoy the natural beauty of the rice terraces, distant mountains, turbulent rivers and natural springs.

Cycling tour
Visit the ancient meditation place of Kebo Iwa (the most powerful warrior in his period) trough a beautiful scenery of Pejeng village and Sanding village including witnessing the activities of seller and buyer at Pejeng traditional market.

Duration approximately: 3 hours

Ubud cycling
This tour going to take you to explore the surrounding country side of ubud, pass villages, rice fields and opportunity to visit Balinese home compound, village temple and meet many Balinese artist along the trip.

Duration approximately: 2 hours



Cooking Adventure In Maya’s Spice Garden

Traditional Balinese cuisine plays a major part in the culture and religion of this captivating island. It’s the use of spices in their ‘makanan’ that have westerners fascinated. Local condiments such as ginger, kerupuk, laos and lemon basil are used generously in most dishes. Other condiments that are more common would be lemongrass, lime, nutmeg, shallots, turmeric and soy sauce.

While other cuisines throughout the world use these condiments, unique spices such as salam leaf, kencur and tamarind pulp do offer unique taste sensations. Here at Maya Ubud our Balinese Chefs share their concepts of food. After a brief tour of the Organic Spice and Herb Garden, you will be taken to our village style kitchen and be shown five easy-to-prepare dishes. This is followed by a relaxing lunch eating your very own creations!

Cooking class time: 11.00 am followed by lunch

Please reserve by latest 5:00 pm one day ahead. Classes are for a minimum of two persons and include lunch.
For reservation, please call to +62 361 977 888 or email to

Price: IDR 580,000 per person
Prices are subject to 21% service charge and tax.



Experiences the sights, sounds and scents of Bali whilst trekking at a leisurely pace across the Petanu River, through the rain forest past ancient temples, around traditional Balinese villages and through the surrounding rice terraces. A qualified Maya Ubud Resort guide explains the points of interest along the way. 

Village Trekking
Enjoy the panoramic beauty of Bali while trekking the surrounding countryside accompanied by one of our professional resort guides. Walks commence in the cool of the early morning before the heat of the day. Begin to walk through Subak irrigation control and find the underground water irrigation tunnel which is reminder of second world war whilst you enjoy the scenery of petanu river valley. The tour is including visit of Goa Gajah temple (ancient Balinese Hindu and Buddhism temple) before you proceed the journey into authentic rice terraces to reach Tatiapi village to closely view the living of Balinese people, some artists also can be meet in this area before heading back to the hotel.

Duration: approximately 3 hours

Rice Paddy Walk
Explore surrounding nature of the resort, visit the nearby rice terraces of Sakembang, then venture across the Jasan River to observe rice cultivation and the living environment of local farmers.

Duration: approximately 2 hours


Light Adventure

White Water Rafting
Your holiday in Ubud is not complete without experiencing the exciting white water rafting on the Ayung River. Amaze yourself with breathtaking view, feel the thrill and discover hidden waterfalls along the river. Round trip car transfers and lunch are included. We are working with 2 professional companies which offer world class facilities and safety standards.

Bali Safari & Marine Park
Explore the divided continents and islands on a tour at Bali Safari and Marine Park. From Sumatra to Kalimantan, Africa to India, name the animal as you meet them; orang-utans, white Indian tigers, leopards, camels, alligators, eagles and many more. Get entertained by the animals’ impressive tricks as you’re being informed about jungle life.

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking
Enjoy unforgettable sunrise from the top of an active volcano. Spectacular scenery and vibration of the sacred earth will fill up your mind and soul. You will be accompanied by one of the resort guide to ensure your trip is comfortable.

Elephant Safari Park Taro
In the Bali Elephant Safari Park you can touch feed and ride an elephant through the tropical jungle of Bali. You will feel like royalty sprung from the Arabian Nights. See elephants painting and take home an elephant artwork helping to save this unique species. Wander through the elephant museum or tropical botanical gardens. It’s known that elephant never forgets. Neither will you after mingling with these magnificent creatures.

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